Background Sound in Slot Games

Why Background Sound in Slot Games is Important


Would you love a slot machine that doesn’t have background sound? The obvious answer is a big no. Hence, through this article, we endeavor to seek out the specific reasons for it.

Every gamble-loving heart has its own favorite online slot machine. It is a tricky task to find out what is the functional attribute behind this immense love. Many gamblers love a slot because of its high paying potential, exciting features, or descriptive storyline or graphics. However, have you ever thought a suitable background sound is equally important? No one likes to gamble with a slot machine keeping it in mute. However, how the soundtrack makes the gameplay more enjoyable? Let’s find out!

How Sound Affects Us

According to a renowned sound consultant named Julian Treasure, sounds affect human beings in four different ways.

From a philosophical point of view, when sound waves penetrate our body, it increases our cortisone level, and our heart rate reacts as well.

The second way is rather psychological. The sounds like serene music give us a sense of tranquility, and birds’ chirping makes us reassured. All human beings have the same kind of feelings, as these reactions are natural in all. The possible reason is, thousands of years back, birds twitting meant everything was fine, and when they were quiet, it meant something uncanny.

The third way is cognitive. The human brain has a narrow bandwidth to process sound waves. That is the reason we have difficulty in comprehending when two or more people talking simultaneously.

The last one is behavioral. Sounds can affect and make us act or react in a particular way. Assume a car is coming from your back, and you can hear hard rock music is exploding through the windows; what do you think the car’s speed would be?

Sounds of Slot Games

After the emergence of online slot machines, slot machine software developers acquired the ability to produce many different soundtracks for their slot machines, making them all unique. And, having thousands of slot machines online, your chances of getting bored is close to zero percent. Many online slot machines are available nowadays, that is why finding out a perfect slot; what you desire to play is a bit tricky. But, agen idn casino is there for making your quest more straightforward for you.

The Psychology Department of the University of Waterloo researched the impact of sound in modern slot machines with 96 proficient slot players. They divided the players into two groups and let them play simple video slot machines. However, one team was playing the slots without any background sound. This study portrays that the group, which was playing the game with sounds, was more engaged in playing than the group, which was playing the same slot silently.

For Next Time

So, when you play your favorite slot again, give more attention to the sound that comes with the game. Be attentive to the sounds of stacked wilds, big wins, or free spins. You will find lots of creativity all over the soundtrack. Who knows, maybe next time you will love a slot machine just because of its mesmerizing soundtracks.

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