Gambling Scam

Best Way To Identify Gambling Scam Before You Play


Gambling scams are widespread in most of the casinos. These operators tend to cheat the gamblers, distract them from winning the game, and they lose their money. Here are the best ways to identify the gambling scam to save your time, aggravation, and money.

  • Understand about Martingale System

Most of the gambling scams are carried out based on Martingale betting system. Not all casinos make use of it directly; rather there may be some variations in it. When you tend to lose your bet, you are sure to double up your betting at the next gameplay. Likewise, you will keep on doubling after every loss until you win over the game. Therefore, you must know more about Martingale system before you choose the casino.

  • Changing the Terms and Conditions

The worst things, which most of the rogue casino perform is changing their terms and conditions on the fly and on their needed-basis. They will usually do this when there is a dispute with the player on something and if it went wrong. The casino operator will modify their terms for supporting the argument.

  • Unfair Games

Usually, the trusted casino will have fair games at random. On the other hand, scam casino will avoid their games and change them as per their wish. They also squeeze free practice games for the players to motivate them for gameplay. However, these games are known to be less fair-paid games.

  • Slow Pay

The shady casino usually takes several weeks or months to play the payout back for the players. It is mainly because they might not have enough money or they like to encourage players to continue gameplay so that they will not cash-out quickly. These are considered rogue behavior. In some cases, the players will be getting bouncing checks, partial payments, and run-around.

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