Dangerous And Risky Roulette Strategy

Roulette Online

The sleeping dozen strategy is a common free roulette strategy that is available online. This is when you bet on a dozen when it hasn’t appeared for 7 or 8 spins and use a progression after each loss until you win.

You will normally see a lot of people promoting this strategy as something that exposes a flaw within online casino software, and that with it you can make easy money. To be blunt, this sort of strategy needs to be well avoided.

I will begin by illustrating why it is useless, and then I will explain why people lie and say that it can be used to make easy money. This strategy doesn’t work because as I mentioned before, when you lose with it you need to use a progression.

You apply a progression by increasing your bets each time you lose, until you win. The problem is that after 10 losses you are down by 300 dollars and the bets become too risky.

If getting no dozen in 17 spins or more was not very common, then this problem would be pretty irrelevant, but sadly it is very common. It is 17 spins because you are only betting for 10, you have to wait 7 spins before you can place any bets.

You can actually get as many as 40 spins in a row without a dozen which renders this kind of roulette strategy as dangerous and ineffective. Now the reason why people claim that this system works when it doesn’t is fraudulent casino promotion.

They will say that it’s very effective at 3 or 4 casinos and then give you links to them. But the truth is that they’re just duping you into playing at these casinos knowing full well that you’re going to lose. It is a complete and total scam, if you see a website like this then I advise avoiding it at all costs.

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