Progressive Slots

An Introduction To Progressive Slots


Not sure how a progressive slot works? Here is everything you need to know about progressive slots. 

One might have noticed by now that different online casinos have variants between classic slots and jackpot slots. But the thing that makes a difference when all slots are offering jackpot slots are the progressive jackpots. In progressive slot games, a small amount of your every qualifying bet gets you towards the jackpot. It is a special slot payout that any random spin can help you win. Keep reading to gather a complete insight on it. 

How Do Progressive Slots Works? 

Progressive slots usually take a portion of your every bet wagered and adds it to the jackpot. This total sum taken from multiple slots at the same time is known as ‘meter’. If a player is playing certain slots, they will be contributing and playing for the same jackpot. One can easily find many progressive jackpots linked to multiple casinos. Being offered by many casinos, the jackpots can get huge. So, when a progressive slot is claimed, one gets to reset their value. 

Progressive Slots Come in All Sizes

There are many starting points to hit when it comes to progressive slots. Some of the major types include as follows.

  • Single machine progressive slots: Being the first of its kind, the single machine progressive slot still exists in online casinos.
  • Wide area progressive slots: It is abbreviated as WAPs link machines in different casinos. If you are an Indonesian player, then be sure to check the website Surgaplay.
  • Single-level progressive slot: In this type of progressive slot, only the top jackpot is progressive, hence the name. Most of the single-level progressive slots are provided on three-reel games with machine reels in live casinos. They are included with the most popular games players are familiar with. 
  • Bonus-driven progressive slots: The jackpots are usually awarded during the bonus plays instead of the main reel. One of the methods with which you can get this through wheel spin. A bonus wheel is fixed for you to spin, which has many segments. Some segments offer free spins, while others provide credits and bonuses. 

Understanding RNG

When playing progressive slots, the players must understand the Random Number Generators (RNG). All video slots are governed by RNG, which ensures you fair gamble every time. The Situs Slot is a clear example of the same. The RNGs determine when a jackpot or bonus is going to pop out. 

Finding Progressive Slots

Different casinos organize their respective progressive slots differently. Virtually all casinos display the jackpot meter for eligible games in their lobby, making it easier for the players to view the most significant jackpots offered at any time. You can also view the names of the other winners on the slots on that particular day. 

Final Thoughts

With all the reasons discussed above, you must have gathered important information about the progressive slots. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on the next big progressive slot. 

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